4-24-13 – W 155th Street – Skaters!

After finishing up the shoots for New York Cares and walking to the Bronx I headed to The Hudson. I stopped at Trinity Cemetery to pay my respects to James Audubon who is buried in the graveyard at the  Church of the Intercession in the Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum at 155th Street and Broadway. Then I continued on.  The west end of 155th Street splits in two just after Broadway. One part is level and meets Riverside Drive. The other part is one of the steepest hills in Manhattan and goes down to the walkway across the West Side Highway. Kids and Skaters love to hang out there. I have seen people skateboarding there frequently but I had never gone by on one of the first warm spring Saturdays.  Below is a slide show. Under that you will find the individual pictures.

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W 155th Street_Board-1000

W 155th Street_Board-1001

W 155th Street_Board-1002

W 155th Street_Board-1003

W 155th Street_Board-1004

W 155th Street_Board-1005

W 155th Street_Board-1006

W 155th Street_Board-1007

W 155th Street_Board-1008

W 155th Street_Board-1009

W 155th Street_Board-1010

W 155th Street_Board-1011

W 155th Street_Board-1012

W 155th Street_Board-1013

W 155th Street_Board-1014

W 155th Street_Board-1015

W 155th Street_Board-1016

W 155th Street_Board-1017

W 155th Street_Board-1018


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