4-29-13 Tacky

Today’s headline refers both to the pictures I am about to post and this post itself. This post bears no resemblance to what I intended to put up today but a combination of computer issues, the world choosing to get in the way of my posting, and I am sorely afraid the loss of 200+ images from this evening has made it necessary.  When I choose not to post one day it will be because I choose it not because it is forced on me. – End of rant.

I was in Chinatown yesterday and saw these. I think they fit the definition of tacky, don’t you?

President Flask-2 President Flask-3


6 responses to “4-29-13 Tacky

  1. You lost 200 photos? Yikes! Post 9/11 a friend brought me a glass obelisk engraved with the likeness of the WTC and I think an American flag. It struck me as oddly cheap and tacky, definitely in questionable taste, although she didn’t think so. I can’t remember exactly how it looked because I stuck it in a box and I no longer know where it is. I wasn’t comfortable getting rid of it nor comfortable displaying it. These tacky items are somehow part of the American tourist culture. I’m attracted and repelled. LOL!

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