5-1-13 Deep And Penetrating? Flat And Dull? It Is A Puzzlement

Over the past few days I had the chance to have a significant amount of my “A” list Hudson pictures looked at and evaluated by two professional photographers. One is more theory/fine art/academic while the other is more journalistic/documentary. Both published and very well-respected. I very much appreciated their feedback and, in general, they had similar responses to much of the work. However, on one sequence of shots they completely disagreed.

One said that these were my best shots. They “revealed your soul”  and you could “feel your presence” in them and while the framing was slightly off it didn’t matter, this was the work and where my focus should be.

The other said they were well framed but the lighting was bad, they were flat and I should re-shoot.

I think that is why it is called art and not science.

Book Project-5102

Book Project-5097

Book Project-5106

7 responses to “5-1-13 Deep And Penetrating? Flat And Dull? It Is A Puzzlement

  1. As in art it is “unique to the eye of the beholder.” Others perspectives can be fascinating.
    I love these images. That’s my take. Glens Falls area??? Looking forward to exploring your site.

  2. One of the greatest things about feedback is how much it can uplift, inspire and encourage.

    One of the nastiest things about feedback is how it can take a big old dump all over us.

    And yes, it is maddening to try to decipher these two universes when they intersect over the same thing.

    For what it’s worth, the middle one is my favorite of the three. It’s timeless. Magical.

    The other two have a barren quality. That doesn’t mean flat. You’ve captured desolation, even in the midst of chaos (as in the third photo.) I agree with the first photographer. I can read between the lines (and pictures) anyone posts, and I know you’ve captured the trials and desolation you’ve felt over the past couple of years. Sometimes, people criticize things because they see their own demon within it. I wonder if that’s the case with your second photog?

    • Thanks for the thoughts. As long as the feedback isn’t personally damaging, I hope to take it all. Sometimes I even succeed. (I once had a teacher tell me that I would never be able to…). Now that was bull and personally wounding.

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