5-11-13 A Wandering Eye

One of my guiding principles has always been to photograph for myself, to please me, and not to play to the market. I want my work to be honest, real, genuine. If others appreciate it, great, that’s a nice bonus. The work rewards me, not the market place or other people’s opinions.”
— Harvey Stein

I really enjoy the Panorama setting on the iPhone 5. I shot this image yesterday at the State Line Lookout and worked in Snapseed today.

Hudson Panaroma Snapseed


10 responses to “5-11-13 A Wandering Eye

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  3. Hello 🙂
    I really, really liked what Stein said. It came in timely, I needed to read that just now. Sometimes I look in my folders, and realise that I do like my own photos … other times, I look at other people’s photos and think I’m not getting anywhere. Not that I need to go anywhere at all..

    I’ve tried that function once … think I’ll go out on the balcony and try it now again.. the weather is nice.

    • It is important to remember. I have been looking at a lot of other people’s work and getting depressed because mine doesn’t look as polished, or exciting, or tranquil or…etc. THen I have to stop myself and say “What the hell are you doing? You work and your eye are yours and show what you want to show and what you see.” Sometimes it even helps.

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