6-5-13 The Past-Present-Future Or Stranger In A Strange Land

I have been feeling a little jammed up over my river photography. Nothing flowing, fighting with my equipment, unable to really see what is in front of me.  Not having any problem shooting other places and spaces, just the river.

Two people, one dead and one living, suggested that I should go back to the beginning. Start shooting as if I had never shot the river before and walk where I had first walked. So, that’s what I did Monday. There were no great revelations, no instant “YES” moment but something shook loose. Things felt better, I felt better, more comfortable, more in the moment.  Back to basic principles.

Those of you who have been kind enough to be with QH since the beginning will recall that very early on I found a piece of flotsam which I photographed and posted. I first saw it on February 16, 2011. This is the first  picture I took of it. It is not the picture I used that day, which you can see here, because there was a piece of jetsam with it (now long gone) that I thought of equal importance.

First engine viewing-1

Two days ago, June 3, 2013 – 2 years and 4 months later…it has lost its propeller and gained vegetation but not much else.

Boro Walk

Mind you, the Hudson is an estuary down here so the water is salty, there are tides, hurricanes, blizzards and all sorts of other weather. At the pace this is going, this engine will still be there long after I am gone.

In another blast from the past…on February 1, 2012, I wrote about some unusual birds I had seen at Riverbank – post is here. I was not able to identify them but Carla did. They turned out to be monk parakeets aka Quaker parrots.  Here is a view of a few members of the flock from 2/1/12.

Quaker parrots - Riverbank -2

On Monday…no flock, but…Boro Walk

I don’t know if this guy has been thrown off the island, got lost, or is an advance scout but he was singing up a storm.

Finally, just a few weeks ago on May 23rd, I showed you a picture of a goose family with their toddler goslings. They are  teenagers now and have their learner’s permits.

Boro Walk


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