6-13-13 No Particular Place To Go

Dorothy : Now which way do we go?
Scarecrow: Pardon me, this way is a very nice way.
Dorothy: Who said that?
[Toto barks at scarecrow]
Dorothy: Don’t be silly, Toto. Scarecrows don’t talk.
Scarecrow: [points other way] It’s pleasant down that way, too.
Dorothy: That’s funny. Wasn’t he pointing the other way?
Scarecrow: [points both ways] Of course, some people do go both ways.

Right now, that is me in a nutshell as regards the blog…

Taken in 2005

I guess the magic has finally worn off

I am only of half Irish extraction after all

SANYO Digital Camera

Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream
It is not dying, it is not dying

Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void
It is shining, it is shining

Yet you may see the meaning of within
It is being, it is being

Love is all and love is everyone
It is knowing, it is knowing

And ignorance and hate mourn the dead
It is believing, it is believing

But listen to the colour of your dreams
It is not leaving, it is not leaving

So play the game “Existence” to the end
Of the beginning, of the beginning
Of the beginning, of the beginning
Of the beginning, of the beginning
Of the beginning, of the beginning


Unexpectedly I have to insert a link for Lennon/McCartney as WordPress does not recognize the words as important enough to recommend a link…


4 responses to “6-13-13 No Particular Place To Go

  1. Not to worry. There are many of us who “get over the blog” and get on with life. I now read veeeery few blogs and only when I have time. I would miss your quality photos and your travels to places I have been but not nearly as many as you. You have a sincere quality, no phony stuff here.

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