6-19-13 Cocktails

In many ways this picture is the start of The Quotidian Hudson. I am in the process of “finalizing” a book of my river journey (although until I go to Lake Tear Of The Clouds I cannot say it is finished) and in writing the preface…well to quote the first line: “In July 2010, while Katherine and I were in Riverside Park enjoying a Martini and Manhattan,  a quiet sunset snuck across the sky above the Hudson. I started shooting”

Boro Walk

11 responses to “6-19-13 Cocktails

  1. This is a terrific picture, Robert, and a fitting start to your journey. I think it quite ironic that Lake Tear (or shall I say, GETTING to Lake Tear) will be the “completion.”

  2. How bold of you. We always hide our booze in NYC parks. I think we’ve gotten away with drinking in most of them. 🙂

    Congratulations on your book, Robert. I look forward to owning it.

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