7-1-13 Equality in Faith and Practice – Pride Parade (PG-13)

I had big plans to write-up our experience of yesterday’s Pride Parade but tomorrow is Katherine’s Birthday and we started celebrating tonight. I did have time to go through the pictures I took and do some very basic editing. This group today is from the Pre-Parade. We arrived at our kick-off location (38th and 5th) at 10am to prep the car.  We started to join the parade at 2:30pm. This is those 4 hours.

Tomorrow I will show you some shots of the parade itself.

As always click on a picture to enlarge it.


8 responses to “7-1-13 Equality in Faith and Practice – Pride Parade (PG-13)

  1. Great photos. I shall look for my nephew in hopes I can see how he dressed with his partner for this event.

    He was so obnoxious on Facebook about Obama, cramming his ideas done our throat, I would have never photoed for his choice and let him know. Sorry, we do not talk anymore. He could only see his view.

    Life brings challenges.

  2. Was it a Pride Parade joined by the Faith and Practice supporters, or specifically a Faith and Practice parade in support? There were several substantially supported Pride events in SoCal this past weekend, but I’ve not been aware of one quite like this with a focus on a faith element. I’m very impressed and interested in that. Your photos were really interesting and captured the event nicely.

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