7-8-13 Stink From The Head

I took a  fabulous walk along the river on June 29th which I have had no time to post about.  I planned to do so today but with the things going on I am forced to write an apology.

About two months ago, I made well deserved fun of South Carolina after they elected their former Governor,  “Mr Appalachian Trail“, “Mr. Argentina” himself, to the zoo known as The House Of Representatives despite the taxpayer dollars he wasted, the religious vows he broke (which is apparently supposed to be a big deal in SC) and the humiliation he dumped on his family. I don’t take any of that back but I also implied that it was an “only in South Carolina” (well maybe North Carolina, too) type thing.  OOOOOOOPS

As you may have heard, Anthony Weiner, he of the tighty whiteys, the smart phone, the tweets, but most importantly the ABSURD denials of his actions,  entered the Democratic primary for Mayor of New York City several weeks ago and several polls have him in the lead.   Bad enough, but…

Last night our former Governor, Mr. Eliot Spitzer, he of the white socks and the $80,000 in hooker bills (not paid for by the state at least) decided to try to enter the race for City Comptroller on the Democratic line. He has four days to get 3750 signatures to put him on the primary ballot.

What makes this completely absurd (and may be the part you haven’t heard) is that the Libertarian party has already nominated Kristin M. Davis (not to be confused with the Sex and The City actress) as their candidate for the job. Who is Kristin M. Davis? Only the Madam who spent three months in jail for supplying Mr. Spitzer with his $1000 escorts…Just imagine that debate.

My apologies South Carolina.

Boro Walk

6 responses to “7-8-13 Stink From The Head

  1. We are a sick country just about everywhere, unfortunately. Still, I cannot wait for coverage of the Spitzer/Davis debates. 🙂

    I still believe Quinn will win. I cannot believe anyone would vote for Weiner……..I know. I know. I am stupid.

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