7-10-13 Summer In The City (High Rise – Ono Variation)

I mentioned the other day that I took a really nice walk on June 29th from 102nd Street up the river to 181st. It was a glorious day and all sorts of people were out. Two items of particular interest to me involved art. One official and supported by the city and one unofficial and supported by most of us who walk (or kayak) the river.  Many of you who have been kind enough to follow my journey for some time know that I am fascinated by all the driftwood art that pops up on the banks of the river. People tell me that there are at least two and probably more artists who do this work which based on style alone makes sense. I had never seen either or any of them until the 29th. At around 118th Street I found him. He didn’t want to talk to me which I understand since I don’t necessarily want to talk while I am working but he had no objection to my shooting him.

River Art

As I walked further north I came to Riverbank and then to the continuation of Riverside Park . On warm summer days this area is home to barbecue  Ever few yards is another group cooking and partying up a storm. The majority of the folks are Dominican-Americans but you see everybody. I am not 100% certain it is legal but there are always a few cop cars and  a fire truck in the area in case the need arises so it is at least semi legal.

Boro Walk

I shot some pictures of a sculpture which is part of the “Art In The Parks” program that I choose to call Yoko Ono Variation 375 although its real name is  High Rise by Charles Ginnever. When you see it I think you will understand both names.

Boro Walk

Boro Walk

Regina Spektor is kind enough to sing us out today.

7 responses to “7-10-13 Summer In The City (High Rise – Ono Variation)

  1. I absolutely love wood and drift wood. I have at least 5 walking sticks ..I am so glad you caught him !

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