7-11-13 Signs Of A New York Summer

What! Summer again?

Yup.It is summer here in New York City and for some reason I feel compelled to write about it. I decided to walk uptown from an appointment this afternoon and soon found myself nearing Times Square,  (Reverb) The Crossroooooads Of the Wooorrrld!!!!!

Now I saw a lot of summer today. I choose to share two long-established New York traditions and two new ones (at least to me). Everything I saw today you can see in other seasons in NYC but somehow they just feel right when it is summer and you see them all the same day.

The first thing I came to is an “old” reliable: The Mitzvah Tank

Boro Walk I believe that I have seen the Mitzvah Tank in all seasons but I know I see it more frequently in Midtown Manhattan in summer.

As I mentioned in a previous post, as is true in many parts of the country, Times Square is now flooded with “characters” to an extent that would make Disney blush.  However we have updated some of them. I do not remember Robin looking like this.

Boro Walk

Batman is just out of frame but he had a backpack which totally blew the illusion.

Next we came to a real “Old Faithful”

Boro Walk

I truly have no idea how long the “Naked Cowboy:” has been around. It seems as if always is the answer.

But…lo and behold, two blocks uptown, near the north end of Times Square, his latest imitators…

Boro Walk

I  was pleased to see that, cute as these young women may be, the original was grabbing much more attention and camera time.

I am letting Jonathan Richman sing us out today.


4 responses to “7-11-13 Signs Of A New York Summer

  1. Ha ha , I like …the good old time square, many hours were spent there, the more things changed, the more they are the same!

  2. Summer sure brings out some odd characters! 🙂 As much as I want to see NYC, I wouldn’t want to go during the summer, due to the heat. I spent a few hours in downtown Stockholm, and there too, you got to see some real oddities.

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