8-8-13 You Can’t Fight Fate

The truth is that sometimes you can not fight fate. For the past three days I have been intending to write a long piece about the Two Rows Wampum Renewal campaign and for the past three days something has intervened and I find myself at 11PM scrambling to create a photograph or two and putting it off until tomorrow.  Well, again, it is 11 pm and again I have not made any photographs. The last few night have been family stuff, but today involved the Advanced Fine Art Printing Workshop I am taking and a friend, an agent, and discussing publishing possibilities.

So, no Two Rows Wampum tonight, again.  Instead I would like to show you some pictures I have been working on in the Workshop. Some of these have been on the blog before and some have not.  I would love to know what you think.

Boro Walk

Boro Walk

Boro Walk


16 responses to “8-8-13 You Can’t Fight Fate

  1. What are the striations in the first and last photo? Did you photo them in situ or photoshop them in (after the fact)?

    I love the mood in the middle shot. Fog draws me in to photos.

    • In both cases they are in situ. The bottom shot is the Hudson River from The Saugerties Lighthouse at sunset. What you are looking at is actually a cove. THe river is to the right. As you can see the conflicting currents inside the cove were nasty.
      The other is more interesting. It is from the top of Storm King Mountain looking down at the Hudson. Clearly my white balance went nuts but I love what resulted.

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