8-9-13 Travel Theme: Architecture

“I don’t believe in artworks being things that are fixed. You know, the artist is not a dictator.”

El Anatsui

Ailsa’s Travel theme this week is Architecture (hi MTM).

Yesterday I mentioned that I was in the midst of an Intensive four day class called “Fine Arts Digital Printing Workshop”. An excellent class taught by Jonathan Singer and R. Mac Holbert.

Today Ailsa popped architecture on us.  I choose to go with definition 2a in Merriam Webster:

“formation or construction resulting from or as if from a conscious act <the architecture of the garden>”

I spent the last several days working on these images. Feedback is always appreciated. Love., hate, confused, indifferent. Everything (well except “you suck” or (you’re a genius”)  helps me develop my technique, skill, and artistic vision. It is possible some of you may have seen one or two of these before but they have been worked on in a significant way.

A Hawk flies over the remains of Bannerman’s Castle

Travel theme: Architecture

A collapsed ?

A collapsed ?

The Manhattan Skyline from Liberty State Park in New Jersey. Architecture galore!

Boro Walk

As always: A few other views…

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Dresden’s Miracle in Stone | wordsvisual

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Little Trianon, Floresti/Prahova | ILEANA PARTENIE

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Do check them out and check back at Ailsa’s blog (link at start of this entry) to see other views as they arrive.


19 responses to “8-9-13 Travel Theme: Architecture

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  3. I like this bird one better. The ruins in the background give it some perspective. I love the middle one. It’s heartbreaking in a way. And the skyline shot: I love how the clouds hover like menace over the city. It looks like a shot from one of those doomsday movie posters.

    • Those two are interesting shots. I took them early in the project but could never get everything adjusted properly. I liked them but some little thing was off. Left them alone for over a year but in the last two months through one more Photoshop class and the printing class, something clicked. Two really tiny adjustments in each and, for me, they came together.

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  7. A different take on the theme. Love the skyline from Jersey with those dark clouds rolling in. I may favor that for purely nostalgic reasons though as I used to work in an office in Hoboken and that clouds rolling in to obscure the Manhattan skyline was a frequent sight. I am fascinated by the collapsed whatever it is (a high-voltage power line tower?). The frozen plants, collapsed by the cold and snow, add to the intrigue of the collapsed structure. It’s as if the sea is taking over all it encounters — or an ominous threat that it will in the future!

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