8-11-13 The iPhone As Photographic Tool

For the past two days I TA’d a class called The iPhone as Photographic Tool at ICP.  Amadou Diallo taught the class. He is a very smart guy, a good teacher, and really knows both traditional photographic equipment and the current state of smart phone equipment.  I took all the photos below with my iPhone, some with the native iPhone camera, some with an ap called Pro Camera, some with Pro HDR. Some have not been processed, I worked some in Snapseed, and some in Lightroom.

Your smart phone can shoot some truly good images if you let it.

Voice Tunnel



Subway Ghosts

Look what HDR can do

Look what HDR can do

El Anatsui - Broken Bridge

El Anatsui – Broken Bridge

I was really impressed with this young woman’s ability to hold it together with 5 people taking pictures with their iPhones

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6 responses to “8-11-13 The iPhone As Photographic Tool

  1. I’m at loss for words, so I just say Wow! I’d love to take a course like that!

    I use SnapSeed sometimes, Camera+ and lately I’ve been trying an app called Snappy Cam, when stuff’s moving.

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