8-15-13 “Phase one in which Doris gets her oats.”

I have an overwhelming amount of information, story, tale, stuff to discuss but I am still digesting much of it and because of the first part (Doris getting her oats), I am way behind so this will turn into a meandering two or three-part tale, probably interrupted by Weekly Photo Challenges or Travel Themes and complicated by our trip up to Cape Cod where internet access is dicey to say the least.


I finally took the leap and bought a new camera. Being a Nikon user and the owner of several Nikon lenses the final decision came down to a Nikon D800 or D800E. I realize that many of you are not gear heads  so suffice to say since I do not primarily do studio shoots or weddings the D800 was the winner. It is a bit less expensive, and is not quite as sharp in laboratory tests (I don’t shoot in laboratories) which meant I could afford a better new lens.

To try it out, I headed north. The first places I visited were the Locks of the Erie and Champlain Canals  which I have shot before. After that…tune in later for more details.

Stunned. Completely stunned. A bit afraid.  I spent three years photographing the Hudson, pushing my camera way beyond its limits and developed what I believe is a recognizable shooting style based on that. Long range, soft, a bit distorted. I love the look. I am sure it is in this camera but I haven’t found it yet.

Today I am doing something I have never done before. First there are probably more images in this post than any previous post  and second I have done nothing to them. This is exactly how they came out of the camera.

The first sequence is from Erie Canal Lock 2. A boat going through the lock.

EC-Lock 2-0020120203

EC-Lock 2-0035120203

EC-Lock 2-0039120203

EC-Lock 2-0052120203

The second group of images is from my favorite lock, Lock #5 Champlain Canal.

CC-Lock 5-0091120203

CC-Lock 5-0089120203

CC-Lock 5-0094120203

CC-Lock 5-0092120203

CC-Lock 5-0100120203

Finally, my least favorite part of the day Lock #6 and below where GE is busy dredging and removing the PCBs that they pumped into the river.



Waiting for lock to open to take cargo up river

Waiting for lock to open to take cargo up river

GE PCB_CC-Lock 5-0128120203

GE PCB_CC-Lock 5-0130120203GE PCB_CC-Lock 6-0139120203

On the other side of the lock a tug was moving things towards #5.

GE PCB_CC-Lock 6-0160120203

GE PCB_CC-Lock 6-0163120203


7 responses to “8-15-13 “Phase one in which Doris gets her oats.”

  1. The #5 lock pictures were really awesome! I’ve only changed camera once [from D60 to D90], but I do understand your feelings. I’m still happy with the D90 … I want to improve my iphonography 🙂

  2. I use a D800 too and I’m really impressed with it. Personally, I think digital images need Photoshop to bring out their quality. I did plenty of stuff to images in the darkroom during the analogue days, and Photoshop is no different.

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