9-19-13 Drawn To Water: NYC H₂O

Photoville opened tonight.  This is its second year. United Photo Industries, a Brooklyn based art presenting group are the organizers. They take over a pier at Brooklyn Bridge Park and install shipping crates (I would guess they are about 20’x9’x9′) with photographs curated by various organizations and artists.  THe show is only up for two weekends, Thursday – Sunday. So it all closes on September 29th. This is a massive amount of work for a 40+  pop up galleries.  This year I am lucky enough to be included in the gallery Drawn To Water: NYC H₂O, sponsored by the East River Ferry.

I spent a few hours there tonight and will be going back. Between the 40-50 display crates there is some incredible work by established and emerging artists from around the world. If you are in the New York City area and have the ability to get to Brooklyn Bridge Park, I strongly recommend it. My current favorite gallery is “Keep On Dreaming: Dutch Photographic Exhibition” but tonight was a bit celebratory and that may change when I return over the next few days.

The shot below is the one that made the final cut.

East River Ferry_Robert S Johnson_Hudson River-0078


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