9-24-13 An Evening Alone – Canning Time

Unusually for an evening I had the apartment to myself. Before turning on the TV and reveling in my choices, I turned on the music and reveled in my choices while canning the first Kathy Gunst Roast Tomatoes of the season. Long time readers of the Quotidian Hudson know that this is something I do every year around now. I love her recipe for Roasting Tomatoes and love to can them to have when February through July rolls around.

I have been doing this long enough that I have made some adaptations to the recipe but this link is to the original recipe I used. (If anyone had any fantasy that I regard myself as a cook, this should dispel that idea. What cook doesn’t put their adaptations front and center? Nope, I am a technician with a palate).

Kathy Gunst: End-of-the-Season Roasted Tomato Sauce

Prepped and into the oven

Prepped and into the oven

First Batch

First Batch

A bit of the musical accompaniment.


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