9-29-13 Weekly Photo Challenge – Saturated (What the heck are those Daddy?, edition)

The Weekly Challenge is Saturated.

The Hudson River Greenway bike path which, oddly, runs along The Hudson has to take a detour from 135th Street to 145th Street because of the giant sewage treatment plant that Riverbank State Park is built on. While wandering down the path this summer I came upon a graveyard of outdated, nay ancient technology.

I stopped to admire it and take some shots.

As I shot many people were going by and paying no attention.

Then an eight or nine-year old girl and her dad walked by.

She stopped dead in her tracks.

“What the heck are those Daddy?”

Boro Walk

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16 responses to “9-29-13 Weekly Photo Challenge – Saturated (What the heck are those Daddy?, edition)

  1. You should pull this photo out of the heap, and call it Phonebooth Graveyard. It’s a good one. (Or Superman’s Storage Locker.) I think people might buy this photograph.

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