9-30-13 The Island

“Sometimes, from beyond the skyscrapers, the cry of a tugboat finds you in your insomnia, and you remember that this desert of iron and cement is an island.”
Albert Camus

Photoville closed last night. One of the final events was a workshop put on by Resource Magazine.  Alexandra Niki, co-Founder of Resource Magazine and RETV, and Adam Sherwin, Executive Producer and co-Founder of RETV ran a seminar/workshop on “Build Your Online Presence In One Day.” Excellent information. If you have a chance to hear them speak, take it.

Exiting Photoville I walked into this view. Couldn’t resist.

Manhattan Skyline - Night-Brooklyn Pier 5-2

I think the helicopter in the upper right quadrant in the photo above looks like the Starship Enterprise when I zoom in. Let me know if you agree

Manhattan Skyline - Night-Brooklyn Pier 5-2-2

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