Diversion: Capture The Colour Photo Challenge

Just discovered this contest Capture The Colour which ends today.

The colours (or colors on this side of the pond) requested are: Red; Green; Blue; Yellow and White (the anti-color). A few of these may be familiar to some of you.

The Little Red Lighthouse


Green – Champlain Canal Lock # 5

Green_CC-Lock 5-0089120203

Blue – Duck Pond, Wellfleet MA


Yellow –  Creek to Hudson River, Nyack NY

Yellow-0096 copy

White – The trail between Inwood Hills park and The George Washington Bridge


A further request is that you invite five fellow bloggers to submit. Several bloggers I would have chosen have already been picked. Several others are on the other side of the world where it is already the 10th.

Yi-Ching Lin Photography

Photography Journal Blog (Amy Maranto)


Leanne Cole Photography – This may very well be too late but you should check out her blog anyway

Jean’s Photography Blog

Have fun…


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