10-10-13 Color – 2nd Place

I thought I would show you the shots that finished second in my personal color competition. This will give you the chance to nod your head sagely and say, “He made the right choices” or to shake your heads and go “What an idiot. Doesn’t even know his own work.”

Red – Tomato

Red_Yearly Gunsting-8


Green – Hudson River just below Henderson LakeJourney's End_Source of the Hudson


Blue -Sunrise over the Hudson – Saugerties Lighthouse


Yellow – Peppers at the greenmarket



White – Blizzard (same day and path as yesterday)



Have at it!



8 responses to “10-10-13 Color – 2nd Place

  1. I like the light house for red because it’s so cool; I like the yellow trees for yellow, and I prefer this set for the blue (a great shot) and the white (another great shot). My favorite in this set is by far the blue, but then, I am a sucker for the romantic, which is why I prefer the lighthouse, too. Though there is something romantic about those tomatoes, too, assuming you canned them yourself.

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