10-22-13 Banksy, Gas, and Sheep

The other day I mentioned that at the end of the Boro Walk I saw a Banksy work on 24th and 10th Avenue. I thought I should show it to you.


Now Bansky got his start as a graffiti artist and that is what he primarily remains. A number of the pieces he has already done in NYC have been tagged or painted over by local graffiti artists since they don’t like him. In Brooklyn a man has placed armed guards in front of several pieces to protect them from vandals. There are deep levels of irony in that, I think.

This particular piece had the feel of a temporary site specific installation and when I went back Monday morning I found this.

Sheep and Such-1310211310210004

On the north-west side of 10th and 24th we have another longer term installation. It is The Sheep Station, a work by Francois Xavier Lalanne. It goes something like this.

Sheep and Such-1310211310210034

Sheep and Such-1310211310210025

Sheep and Such-1310211310210028Always something to see in New York City.


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