10-23-13 Technology. It’s Better Than The Alternative?

“Stupidity is the same as evil if you judge by the results.”
― Margaret Atwood

I have a minimum of two backups of my work.  A number of people (not photographers) are amazed that I “waste” my money on such things as backup hard drives. They have this magical belief about technology. Nothing bad can happen.

In the last two days one of the two external hard drives that held every picture of The Hudson River that I have taken in the last three years failed and the other one is failing rapidly.  Yes I still have the originals on a drive but I have basically spent the last two days desperately backing everything up again before that one fails as well.

The Atwood quote above concerns a different situation that someone I love is dealing with.

All that is to say it is time for a picture from the iPhone I took this around 7:30 Sunday morning in Kings Park New York.

photo (1)

The building is an abandoned Mental Hospital. Seems very appropriate to the situation to me.


16 responses to “10-23-13 Technology. It’s Better Than The Alternative?

  1. Understand your pain; having lost photos before I knew about backing up. Now I burn CD/DVD’s; have on flash drives; in Picassa and am trying cloud services.
    Good photo…I take a lot with my iPad these days. They are good enough for me…but would not be very good for you, I guess.

  2. About the iPhone photo … Wow!

    With regards to technology, hard drives and what not; It’s just a matter of when they will fail … not if.

    I’ve been looking into a secondary, wireless hard drive … online, I store them in Flickr and Google/Picasa.

  3. Oh no! I hope it gets resolved. And you’ve reminded me that I need to backup some stuff. That’s officially on my to do this weekend! Good luck!

    • The tech is in process of solving, all I have lost so far is time. As to the other…stupid can hurt but I think we will find a work around. It won’t ease the pain but will fix the problem.

  4. It’s a pin in the neck to restore via wi-fi (28 days the last time I has to do it), but any more I wouldn’t think of not having all business and photo files backed up on both Crashplan and Carbonite. They really saved me.

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