10-26-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon (Visible)

This week’s challenge: Horizon.

I am just back from a Boro Walk in East Harlem and thought I would grab a couple of quick views of the Visible Horizon as today’s answer. Later in the week I expect to do a few river horizons and probably a Cape Cod as well but for tonight? Urban Horizons it is.

The Costco Building at Dusk. How many horizons do you see?




As always a few other horizons for your viewing pleasure.

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11 responses to “10-26-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon (Visible)

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      • Replaced car. Final agent critique. Even though she worked on a book that turned Abraham Lincoln into a vampire slayer, it offended her that ML was the guardian angel for a little girl. She said I need to rewrite the whole book and omit that element. I said no, (and professionally deleted the FU part.) It is still coming March 1, and I am very excited for people to read it.

        • “it offended her that ML was the guardian angel for a little girl.”

          What on earth?! You clearly hit something very deep there. To my mind that is about the best review she could have given you.

          I say you have the mo going and use her as a positive force in our daily struggle with doubt.

          I can’t wait to see it.

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