10-30-13 Travel Theme: Stone

There are two kinds of stones, as everyone knows, one of which rolls.

Amelia Earhart

Ailsa’s theme this week is stone.  I figure that this gives me a good reason to go back to the river which I haven’t featured in what feels like weeks. First off, I want to boldly go where photographers are not supposed to go according to every portfolio review, critique or class I have ever sat in.

Boro Walk

Please control your horror. It is true. These rocks are dry. This is from around 108th Street or about 4 miles north of New York harbor. The engine is the one I have been watching for almost three years now.

This next shot is about 2 miles south of Henderson Lake in Adirondack Park. The feet are mine.

Journey's End_Source of the Hudson

Finally, what is a Travel Theme post without a Dominica shot. This is the beach at Secret Bay.


And now check out these other stones:










6 responses to “10-30-13 Travel Theme: Stone

    • It is. When it first arrived I tried to lift it without falling in the river. Naturally it didn’t budge. I guess the authorities had the same experience and have decided to let it slowly green and then fall apart?

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