11-2-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie (All Soul’s Day Edition)

And the early dawn cracks out a carpet of diamond
Across a cash crop car lot
filled with twilight Coupe Devilles,
Leaving the town in a-keeping
Of the one who is sweeping
Up the ghost of Saturday night…

Tom Waits

The photo challenge this week is Eeeeeeeeeerieeeeeeeee. When I first saw it I thought it said Erie as in Canal and Lake but nope!

I have a number of photos that could fit the bill but the request was specifically for shot this week and black and white and since it is All Souls and since we did a Boro Walk today I decided to get funky with the iPhone and a few apps.

After the photo we will have links to a few other points of view.

You never walk alone

You never walk alone

Other views of the theme.

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