11-3-13 Travel Theme Delicate (Techno Frustrato edition)

In all honesty this has been a god awful weekend with technical issues. This Is not supposed to be today’s post but c’est la vie.

When Ailsa laid out delicate as her Travel Theme of the week, I had two ways to go. I had been in Fort Lee Historic Park as I related here and decided to go with some foliage shots. I did think about going in a different direction.  Actually, this is where the tech issues started this weekend. I met a nice  Japanese woman who was taking pictures of her two young children and asked me if I would take a picture of her with the kids. Naturally I did. We talked a bit and joked through our language barrier about the fact I shoot with a good Japanese camera (Nikon) and she shoots with a Canon (given to her by her father-in-law who is a TV bigwig and knows the head of Canon Japan.) I asked her if I could take a few shots of the kids and she said yes. I then had her type her email on my phone so i could send them to her. Sadly, while her English was much better than my Japanese she must have missed or added something because I can’t find her!

I think these children (and her expression in one shot) express the true meaning of delicate.  If anyone happens to recognize her – hey it is the Internet, stranger things have happened – have her get in touch with me. I do know that the daughter’s name starts with ‘Momo” which Noritsu (sp?) told me means “little peach” in Japanese.

Momo and family-2

Momo and family

Momo and family-3

And a few other views of Delicate can be found here.








6 responses to “11-3-13 Travel Theme Delicate (Techno Frustrato edition)

  1. I don’t normally comment on pictures of children but delicate they are indeed ! Beautiful all three and the perfect descriptive!

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