11-8-13 Travel Theme: Connections

Everything is going in the wrong direction.
The doctor wants to give me more injections.
Giving me shots for a thousand rare infections
And I don’t know if he’ll let me go

Connection, I just can’t make no connection.
But all I want to do is to get back to you.


Alisa has brought us a new theme this week.  Connections. It is an idea that certainly applies to the blogosphere. What is Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme but an attempt at connection? What is blogging (usually) except an attempt at connection? I should just post a picture of me, looking at my screen, reading Andra, Vlad and Johna, T B Markinson or Linda (to name the people behind the last four blogs I read). Andra and I have even met several times in RL and I really like the woman and her MTM so… connection!

However, I am supposed to be a photographer not a philosopher thus… I was in Manhasset, NY (Long Island) today. Sadly nothing exotic only car issues that I wanted the original dealer to handle. It was a six hour process which left me time to wander.

So, here is a picture taken today that represents connection to me.


Despite not being a philosopher I want to point out that frequently a thing can be described by showing its opposite. Here is a picture (again taken today) that shows what can happen when connection is lost.


Here we have a few others showing their view of connections.

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10 responses to “11-8-13 Travel Theme: Connections

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  4. Love your connection Robert, funny I took when VERY similar yesterday in the woods on Never Sink Mountain! Connecting one side to the other 🙂

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