11-9-13 Weekly Photo Challenge -Habit

The challenge this week is habit.

Lots of possibilities there but for today… It is my habit to take pictures. Then bring them home and edit them down. Then work on them. It is my habit to start with the original:

5Pointz Original

I bring the image into Lightroom and first check the White Balance, exposure and contrast

5Pointz WBEC

All of this is on an as needed basis of course. Then I adjust the shadows and highlights

5Pointz Sh-High

Finally I fine tune and straighten as needed (many people would do that first but for some reason I hold off until the end.) Fine tuning is working with the detail curve, the saturation and luminance levels, and sharpening.

5Pointz FineTune_TonesHSL_Sharp

Not every image gets this treatment. Some get more and some less but this is my basic workflow habit.

Save 5Pointz!

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