11-11-13 New York Nightlife

The last Borough Walk of the season happened on Saturday night. Nica Ross, ICP graduate, visual artist working in photography, video, and lighting led the walk.

NY Nightcrawl

Now, in reality, there is no way to cover New York nightlife in one night, but you do what you can.  First stop Times Square so folks can get to know each other and people can figure out how their cameras perform under a variety of lighting situations.

NY Nightcrawl-2

NY Nightcrawl-3

After that we hopped the F Train to Delancey Street and went to the Cake Shop, a Live Music venue and record store/bar on Ludlow Street.

(As always click on any image to open the gallery.)

Truth be told, it was the loudest space I have been inside in years.  I wish I knew the name of the band…but I don’t. Couldn’t hear.

After that we walked over to St Marks Place and let the class loose for about 40 minutes. I grabbed  a quick slice and shot a bit while waiting.  Being me, I looked away from the crowds and looked for the isolates.

NY Nightcrawl-11

Then for our grand finale we headed off to see SPANK! perform Optical Delusions at DROM.

That did not even scratch the surface of course, but you do what you can. I made it an early night and was home and in bed by 4 am.

On a completely unrelated and much more serious note I just want to say that I have no idea what any of us can do at the moment to help the people struck by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines but here are a few organizations that I believe are making serious and concerted attempts to help.

Doctors Without Borders





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