12-11-13 Travel Theme: Symbol # 2 (The Ridiculous And The Bitter)

Ailsa chose symbol for her Travel Theme this week.  My first attempt is here.  She choose this in honor of Nelson Mandela.  His memorial celebration was full of true symbolism as was his life.  However, since I am lucky enough to live in the US of A we have been concerned not with the real symbolism of Mandela and his life but instead with some truly bogus BS symbolism that concerns US! – I am sure that is a tremendous surprise to my non USA readers.

The first symbol that caused an uproar was that the President of the USA shook the hand of a – OMG – President Raul Castro of Cuba.

Oy - how stupid are we

John McCain, failed Presidential candidate and all around idiot, compared this to Neville Chamberlain shaking the hand of Adolph Hitler.  Sigh.

Dude, really? Hitler took over much of Europe and parts of Africa and ordered killed 12-20 million people whose ethnic origin, religion, or sexual orientation he didn’t like and Castro is his equivalent? It is true, his party led by his brother, kicked out the Mafia, the USA and other foreign oppressors and then turned into oppressors themselves but, Hitler? Really? Nixon and Mao anyone?

When I was a boy, I was taught that common courtesy meant you performed certain behaviors just because they were right. If George Bush the Little came to visit and knocked on my door would I invite him in? No. If I see him in a public place and we are introduced will I shake his hand? Well, yes.

The second symbolic “disaster” both here and in The UK  was that Obama and David Cameron, PM of GB, let the Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, take a selfie of the three of them.


Now, mind you, this is not the funeral of Mr. Mandela, but a celebration of his life in a soccer stadium.  The Danes, at least, have enough sense to be amused at the reaction of the UK and USA media.

Time for my symbolic photos…

A long way to go

No doubt, a good Idea

No doubt, a good idea

Coast Guard escorting the Staten Island Ferry. Yes, the terrorist did succeed.

Coast Guard escorting the Staten Island Ferry. Yes, the terrorists did succeed.

A symbol losing its potency.

A symbol losing its potency.


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4 responses to “12-11-13 Travel Theme: Symbol # 2 (The Ridiculous And The Bitter)

  1. What a terrific post, all in all… I heard all that hoopla on CNN, after I’d listened to President Obama’s speech [which I thought was terrific … he’s a great public speaker!].

    45,000 households here in SJ are under boil-water-order … for the 6th time this year. A water main broke … it was really vintage, from 1843! 🙂 So … we know something about water trouble here..

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