12-23-13: Weekly Photo Challenge One (Two)

I thought I would take another crack at the Weekly Photo Challenge.  Attempt #1 is here. It stayed warm in the city today but rained most of the day. I found myself in Central Park.  When I came over the rise and headed down the path to the softball fields I saw today’s photograph. I immediately thought it fit the challenge.


This is usually one of the busiest crossroads in the park. I stood and watched for about five minutes. No more than ten people came by and no one came close to stopping but the gentleman running the cart had no intention of leaving. He was certain that many of his regulars would come by. I expressed surprise that he had regulars but he assured me he did. I thought about it a bit: nuts can be addictive and there are a lot of offices and apartments nearby so why can’t nuts make some people become regular?

A few other views of one:

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One | Photographs by James Collett

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And in case the spirit has not moved you yet: ONE of my favorite songs of the season…


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