2-5-14 Snow; Ice; Sleet; Rain: Weather

“It occurs to me now that I have never seen the ice-storm put upon canvas, and have not heard that any painter has tried to do it. I wonder why that is. Is it that paint cannot counterfeit the intense blaze of a sun-flooded jewel?”

Mark Twain

We are one messy town today. Snow, followed by ice, followed by ice/rain mix followed by 35 degrees. I am on my third pair of socks and second pair of boots.

Not many farmers or shoppers at the Union Square Greenmarket today.


RSJohnson_1402050014But the ice-covered branches looked extraordinary…(and Twain is right, very hard to capture)

RSJohnson_1402050013Parts of the subway broke down – the 1, 2, 3. This made the C train big fun for everyone. (The 7 stopped as well but that was a problem for the L and M riders)



 Earlier in the week they were predicting another storm on Saturday but they seem to have backed off of that.  We shall see.


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