2-8-14 Travel Theme Yellow (Kidnapped Edition)

Ailsa was so excited to see the sun in Seattle for a few minutes that she picked a theme of yellow. Despite an overwhelming amount in the neighborhood and the plumbing at the SO(S)chi Olympics I decided to pass on yellow snow. NBC would just whitewash it anyway. Then I thought of the yellow ferries operated by NY Water Taxi (I have LOTS of shots of them) but Vlad over at Wind Against Current, beat me to that. So off to the streets go I.

My yellow tells a sad tale that I fear was not resolved in a positive way. I have better pictures of this but none of them have the old gentleman in them (I didn’t notice him when I was shooting – I know, my bad), so this picture it is.












10 responses to “2-8-14 Travel Theme Yellow (Kidnapped Edition)

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  5. I hope the yellow framing of this original poster catches the thief or at least gets the kidnapped bike returned! Great take on the theme. Thank you for sharing mine. Much appreciated!

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