2-26-14 So Risqué

Knowing that we all drown in spam, I usually do not share what comes over the transom but this one was too good.

“What’s up everybody, here every one is sharing these kinds of experience, thus it’s fastidious to read this blog, and I used to go to see this webpage everyday.”

I went up to Boston this weekend and we (my parents and I) went to Boston College to see a photo exhibit called: Paris Night & Day: Photography Between The Wars”.  It is an excellent small exhibit. This time around I was particularly struck by the work of Ilse Bing; André Kertész; and Brassaï. I am familiar with all their work but it is always instructive to see different work contextualized in a group show.  Some of the other photographers included Atget; Baldus; Blanc and Demilly; Lartigue; Maar and many others. Of course Cartier-Bresson was in there as well.

The very humorous guard apologized when he told me I could not take photographs of the exhibit. I assured him that except under very special circumstances, I find taking pictures of pictures is redundant. We have books and the internet for a reason. He also warned us that the “night” section was a bit risqué, (BC is a Jesuit College after all),  although he acknowledged that if we had cable it might not seem so daring.

As we were leaving, my father pointed out that the sun was helping the college represent itself very well.



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