Walk the Natchez Trace Line

THe great adventure begins!

The Accidental Cootchie Mama

All Dad could talk about was fried chicken. Somewhere around Mile Marker 8 or 9, Dad and Alice found me. Sweaty. Disheveled.

I’d just been chased by a horse. Yes. Really. I expected to have to dodge wild animals on the Natchez Trace, but NOT horse animals.


Dad: We had to come all the way out here to tell you about this fried chicken we found.

Me: pantpantpantpantpant

Dad: Yeah. Best fried chicken I ever had in my life.

Me: pantpantpantdroolpant

Dad: I ate two big ole pieces of it. Cook even came outta the kitchen and sang to me.

Me: What….pantpant…..did he……..sing?

Dad: That ole Sugar Pie Honey Bunch song.

Me: He sang THAT to YOU?

Alice: I think he was singing it to me, but—

Dad: YEAH! To ME! I can’t get any sweeter.

I wanted to SHOW him sweeter. Dang fried chicken. I thought about it…

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