3-4-14 Not All Plans Work

I went to an all day seminar on Photoshop at the Javits Center today. The Javits is New York’s convention center and it is one of the more unloved buildings in the city. It is way too small to be a convention center in a city of 8 million people, one of whose major industries is tourism. It is unattractive, badly designed and not well staffed. It is on 12th Avenue and overlooks The Hudson River.

The seminar was good and when we broke for lunch I figured I would wander the center and find some interesting angles to shoot the river. Get a new perspective on my old friend. After wandering for about 20 minutes and asking several staff, it turned out that there was only one place in the entire building that had a river view you did not need to pay for and it was covered with screens.

Sigh. I walked the block to the river to eat my dirty dog and commune with the water.



And here is a link to pictures of Andra’s Natchez Trace walk today. http://andrawatkins.tumblr.com/post/78593437727/to-live-forever-an-afterlife-journey-of




4 responses to “3-4-14 Not All Plans Work

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  2. Interesting! I used to go a lot ( and before blogging) and liked it. Maybe it just seemed glamourous but your photos changed my mind!

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