Titans of the Trace

THe continuing adventures …

The Accidental Cootchie Mama

Sixty miles walked. Four days. Two of them on the tail end of Winter Storm Titan. Other than a nagging blister on my sore left pinky toe, I’m trudging through the abuse.

I owe huge thanks to two tough Southern ladies.

Miss Ethel, owner of Hope Farm in Natchez, got our trip off to a roaring start. She and Dad dueled for best storyteller, and she roundly defeated Dad. Her best story?

“Every year, I put Hope Farm on the Pilgrimage. I don’t know HOW many people traipse through this house, but I’m out there. On the front porch. Greeting everyone in my hoop skirt. My Yankee children stopped coming during the Pilgrimage, because I made them all dress up like Southerners. Imagine. Me out there on the porch, and up came a thunder storm. You know those hoops are made of metal? One of my Yankee children…

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