3/16/14 Travel Theme: The One And Only Garden (for me)

Ailsa’s theme this week is gardens. As many beautiful gardens as I have seen, there is only one choice for me and if you tell me it isn’t really a garden, I won’t argue with you. Just about every definition of garden I can find describes a planned space. To the best of my knowledge, no one planned this place. Who knows, perhaps I conjured it out of some deep need. I know I have shown these pictures before but a garden was requested and my garden I will give.

Last August, after over 2.5 years of adventuring, I made it up to Henderson Lake which geologists say is the source of The Hudson River.  Next summer I perhaps will go to Lake Tear of the Clouds, which poets and politicians say is the source of The Hudson. Perhaps I will find a garden awaiting me there as well.

Last summer, after I put my hand in the water that poured over the sluiceway, I turned south and viewed the beginnings of the river.


I turned back to look at the Lake and my eye was caught by the garden just as a very delicate rain began to fall.  I walked towards it, and stood by it for a minute, then looked at the lake where I could see no evidence of drops hitting the water. I took this picture as rain bathed me.


I then took a step past the garden and the rain stopped. I turned around and the rain was gone. I started to cry, not out of sadness or joy, but just because it is what I did.  I suspect that I never should go there again but time will tell.

Some other gardens.











and please remember to check out “To Live Forever An Afterlife Journey Of Meriwether Lewis” by Andra Watkins. Sometime tomorrow she will be half way through her 444 mile walk of The Natchez Trace. I do believe that when she reaches Nashville she will be the first person to have walked the entire Trace since sometime in the 1800’s. Not exactly a walk in a garden but I thought it fit anyway.


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