3-18-14 We All Have One Story To Tell

Amy Arbus could not make class tonight so she asked Liam Cunningham (aka Billy Cunningham) to sit in. You can see his work here.  One thing he asked us to do in preparation for the class was watch a documentary on Gregory Crewdson called “Brief Encounters“. If you are not familiar with Crewdson‘s work I strongly recommend it to you.  Liam quoted Crewdson to us, specifically:

“I feel very strongly that every artist has one central story to tell. The
struggle is to tell and retell that story over and over again, visual form,
and try to challenge that story. But at the core that story remains the same.
It’s like the defining story of who you are.
-Gregory Crewdson, “Brief Encounters”

You do not have to agree with him (I basically do) to see that there is definitely a large grain of truth to the idea. Tonight’s class assignment was “Fleeting Moment”. I have cheated and shown several of my images this week but tonight I would rather go back and visit the core of my central story. This image has never made the cut into any work, class, submission to contest etc. but tonight it spoke to me.

Hudson River


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