3-19-14 Infrastructure

While trapped at 96th Street in the pouring rain with no umbrella I realized I am not making it home to do my planned post. Something broke at the 137th Street subway station and trains are not running between 137 and 96. NYC is no different than the rest of the country. Our infrastructure is past its sell by date, here and everywhere in the “greatest country in the world”. We would rather cut taxes, leave real unemployment above 10%, expand our military pointlessly, fight over a women’s sexuality and in general piss on each other’s shoes, than rebuild the country for the 21st century and beyond.
The building I am featuring was built in a year and 45 days. The new World Trade Center still isn’t finished.



6 responses to “3-19-14 Infrastructure

    • Ah, but in the US it isn’t just the cities. Country roads are in hellacious conditions, bridges in the cities, suburbs and country are falling down, water tables are polluted by pig and cattle excrement etc.

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