3-23-14 Travel Theme: Pink

Ms. Ailsa’s theme of the week is pink. For some reason this reminded me of the time way back when the internet was a fairly new adventure and “you’ve got mail” was a big deal, when Katherine needed some information for a recipe she was writing. She jumped on the computer, logged on to whatever we were using back then to search and typed in the word “cherry.” She was not prepared for the variety or amount of information that appeared.

This image is from last September at Photoville. I think it should be pink enough.


Here are some other pinks:


Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Pink




Travel Theme: Pink




I tried to find an appropriate image from The Accidental Cootchie Mama for pink but the strangest thing happened when I typed her handle into Google’s image search. I did find a number of pictures of Andra but nothing pink. On the other hand I saw a number of images that were not her but…

Finally…this is the not safe for work version of a song called “……. Perfect” by the pinkest person I know of…


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