3-29-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life (A Water View)

Visiting the challenge # 2: Street Life

For many years the actual major highway, thoroughfare, street of what we now call New York State was The Hudson River. (You knew that was where I was going, right?)  That did not change when the Europeans arrived nor when the United States was born.  Much of the street life of the state was lived there on the water. Last summer,  The Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign, undertook a journey from Albany to New York City, by canoe, in support of honoring treaty agreements between Native Americans and the Europeans who came to the Americas at a later date. I went to one of their landings in Peekskill and shot the “Two Rows” (Haudenosaunee and other Native People paddling side-by-side with allies and supporters) as they came to shore.






Other views:

My First Pass













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