4-3-14 Dawning Of A New Day


She did it! She damn well did it! Andra hit Nashville today on schedule and on target. 444 miles. This now lands in my really impressed category along with  Todd Jennings running the Hudson River and Vlad and Johna’s kayaking the Everglades.  I take nothing away from the others because damn, I couldn’t get close to anything like that but Todd is an ultra marathoner and Vlad and Johna are hard-core kayakers, Andra is not a hard-core walker. She is an extraordinarily nice woman who wrote a damn good book and figured out a genius way to promote it and then sacrificed her body to do so.  Think about your next door neighbor, you know, that nice lady down the hall or across the street. Now think about her taking a few months to train and then walking from New York City to Bangor Maine…

Last post before finish

Pics from the last day

Really, check out her book, y’all!   To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis


4 responses to “4-3-14 Dawning Of A New Day

  1. Thanks, Robert, for referring to us as hard-core kayakers, which I don’t think we are… But we certainly are not hard-core walkers, and so a 444-mile walk most certainly has our respect 🙂

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