The End of the Walk Contest

Today’s the day! She did it! 444 miles by foot Natchez Trace (Mississippi) to Nashville.

The Accidental Cootchie Mama

Sometime today (maybe by the time you read this post), I’ll walk up to milepost 444 on the Natchez Trace and end my 444-mile trek from Natchez, Mississippi. I don’t know how I’m going to feel, but I’m sure I’ll be crying.

Not because my feet hurt. Or my joints ache. Or I’ve walked for more than a month straight and managed to GAIN weight.

I’ll cry because I’ll miss it. The solitude. The time with my thoughts. The perfect peace that can only come from a trial by pain.

And I’ll miss my parents. This trip with me is Dad’s Last Grand Adventure. It may be Mom’s as well, but it is surely Dad’s. I may spend a lot more time with my parents, but I will never, ever have this time again.

In the midst of my tears, though, I’m going to stop at milepost 444, and I’m…

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