4-6-14 Weekly Photo Challenge # 2 -Threshold


The sun was warm but the wind was chill.
You know how it is with an April day.
Robert Frost


“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.”




I was not going to do this again so soon (vision #1- here) but I spent the afternoon out and about uptown on the river from 155th Street to the bridge. The world was out there. Despite it only being in the low 50’s something in the air has changed and we are clearly, finally, on the threshold of spring here in NYC. So many snuggling couples out and about. Kisses filled the street. The tennis courts were full. The fishermen were out and the barbecues (a few) were going. The boarders were on the river. Yes we are on the threshold of spring and the relief was palpable.


I hope they realize this is “my” tree (long story)


 Soon enough to bloom


Those crazy days when half of us are in summer and half still in winter



Now really you didn’t think my threshold wouldn’t end anywhere but here…


Of course, soon enough the whining about the summer heat will start but for now…

It has been a Mary Black kind of weekend for me so here is one of her uptempo spring songs.

Other thresholdian visions:











and speaking of someone on the threshold…




11 responses to “4-6-14 Weekly Photo Challenge # 2 -Threshold

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  3. Yes you had a bad nasty winter… I was glad to be working overseas this past year. Glad to hear winter is finally letting go.
    Love your descriptions… and photos of course.
    Thanks for the visit and pingback over at CTB 😀

      • LOL.. well I guess NYC doesn’t see as much snow normally, so that is OK to dream 😉 My family is in Southern Ontario and for a lot of Decemeber and January it seemed to be snowing every other day and maybe a big storm once a week! It sounds crazy! Now to think of it maybe it is a bit of an exaggeration… like the fish that was THIS big 😉

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