4-18-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

An artist who had certainly known the feeling of being on top died yesterday.  RIP: Gabriel García Márquez

“In the parlor was a huge camera on wheels like the ones used in public parks, and the backdrop of a marine twilight, painted with homemade paints, and the walls papered with pictures of children at memorable moments: the first Communion, the bunny costume, the happy birthday. Year after year, during contemplative pauses on afternoons of chess, Dr. Urbino had seen the gradual covering over of the walls, and he had often thought with a shudder of sorrow that in the gallery of casual portraits lay the germ of the future of the city, governed and corrupted by those unknown children, where note even the ashes of his glory would remain.”
Gabriel García Márquez – Love In The Time of Cholera

The photo challenge this week is On Top.

I will start with three views.

On Top of The Empire State Building overlooking The Hudson


What’s actually on top of the Empire State Building


Boro Walk

More top notch answers:












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