6-23-14 Weekly Photo Challenge #2

After our trip my mind is still between the southwest and NYC. It is also between astonishment and frustration that the US is tied for 1st in the so-called “Group of Death” and that the team couldn’t hold Ronaldo off for 30 more seconds.

This is convenient for blogging as the challenge this week is between. I gave it my first try here.

Near Lee’s Ferry, Arizona, the Colorado River


(yes it was really that color…)

runs between the sides of The Navajo Bridge


between and through The Marble Canyon

RSJohnson_1406180092and, of course, between the South Rim



and North Rim

RSJohnson_1406180192of The Grand Canyon.

Here are some other betweens:















10 responses to “6-23-14 Weekly Photo Challenge #2

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  2. Hi thanks for the pingback 🙂 the Grand Canyon wow now that is between two huge sides! What a fantastic place to visit.

  3. Robert, your images really hit home as the Marble Canyon Bridge was a major subject of my cross country trip of 1967, back then only a single span, and nobody around in the wee hours of the morning. It remains one of the most memorable nights of my life as chronicled here –> http://wp.me/p37YEI-DW
    It’s always interesting to see how things change. Marty

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