7-17-14 Throwback Thursday

I don’t do throwback Thursday. Never have. But recently my mother dug an old piece of my history up and I shared it on several forms of social media. So I figured, let’s go back half a decade to Cape Cod in July 2009 and watch the oyster farmers at work.



What did my mother dig up? I am sure this will be familiar to some of you…(personal information is blacked out). Without looking! Who knows what 1-H means?

TBT Sel copy



8 responses to “7-17-14 Throwback Thursday

  1. Eligible for the draft? I did not look, however my ex husband was 4f meaning he was not suitable for service because he had one blue eye and one hazel eye.
    If not this, I would only know it has to do with the draft.

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