8-26-14 Glory Days – Bookends

These are perhaps my two favorite photographs of the summer. This is the way they came from the camera. I spent a lot of hours getting these shots. I believe I featured a different version of them earlier this year but I kept returning and finally got what I want.  I will probably work them a bit and may show them again or not.








4 responses to “8-26-14 Glory Days – Bookends

  1. The S&G clip is awesome. Bookends, the album, has always been one of my favorites, and this song particularly, (when, in my twenties, heard on a good sound environment in perhaps a slightly elevated consciousness,) inspired almost tear inciting imagery. The musical “bridge” of the original was often cited (by me) as a defining example of music accomplishing a perspective unto itself, a brief meandering chaos of musical notes reminiscent of a lifetime of random thoughts and visions, all evolving into a harmonious and poignant conclusion of
    the Old Friends. And years later, now, “How terribly strange to be (in sight of) seventy!”
    The acoustic clip is in itself absolutely awesome, showing the incredible talent of Art and Paul’s vocals, and particularly, the amazing solo guitar rendition of this great piece, by Paul Simon.
    Oh, and the younger “Glory Days” clip from Bruce was pretty good too! Thanks. M:-)

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